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Creditor Rights & Claims Against Estates

The Commonwealth of Virginia is an original state, and one that is very set it its ways.  It should be no surprise that it still maintains many of its rules governing the inheritance of property and creditors' rights from a time of plantations and rebellion, when the legislature was more focused on preserving family wealth and land than protecting the rights of creditors. While many statutes have been modernized to some extent, the transfer of property and the mechanisms for recovery remain rooted in ancient, overly-complicated rules.

Most creditors and many attorneys find it difficult to navigate the rules and procedure relevant to prosecute claims against the deceased. At Bronley Law, PLLC, we believe that debts should be paid, and they should not be forsaken merely because of a technicality or a decedent’s efforts during life to avoid their payment.  Too often we have come across creditors who forfeited their rights because they didn’t know the process or the deadlines.  Know your rights and get yourself an attorney knowledgeable and experienced in this nuanced arena. At Bronley Law, PLLC, we have background and experience in making, and defending, claims against the deceased.

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