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Estate Administration & Fiduciary Services

The laws governing probate, trust and estate administration are unique to each state. Virginia’s rules are among the most complex and confusing, but afford no slack or forgiveness to a lay fiduciary. There are qualification criteria, bond requirements, accounting deadlines, statutory formalities for dealing with creditors, and tax obligations, not to mention any problems that may arise from angry or hostile beneficiaries, creditors and relatives. It is no wonder that time and time again, Mr. Bronley gets asked to serve as the fiduciary and take on the responsibilities. Due to his experience in trusts, conservatorships, estates and probate, Mr. Bronley, with the help of his trained staff, regularly serves as an independent fiduciary to promptly administer a decedent’s estate or to manage an ongoing conservatorship or trust. Contact us to make an appointment to discuss your needs and options.

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