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Guardianships & Conservatorships

The reality is that as age increases, a person is more likely to be rendered incapacitated by injury or illness. Pre-planning or responding to these events is the key to a successful transition of affairs. For most, a carefully crafted power of attorney will allow their loved ones to assist with their affairs when they need it most. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans don’t take the time to do the planning. The incapacity of anyone close to you is a difficult matter to accept and contend with and circumstances that are already physically and emotionally draining become even more challenging if you do not have the legal authority or the means to help manage that person’s affairs. If it is too late to execute a power of attorney, it is likely that a guardianship will need to be established. A guardianship proceeding is a civil case, and when there is a dispute among family or interested persons, there will be a trial, and maybe even a jury.

Regardless of how the incapacity occurred, Bronley Law can assist you and your family in promptly having an appropriate guardian or conservator appointed for your family member as well as objecting to or removing an inappropriate one. Mr. Bronley is very experienced in the technical and unique world of guardianship proceedings, and stands ready to help put in place the authority you need to help your loved one.

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